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Indie184, Artist

Since growing up on 184th Street in Washington Heights, Soraya Marquez AKA Indie184 has been immersed in street art and has been active in the graffiti world for over 2 decades. She now operates out of her home studio collaborating with commercial clients, producing her own body of work, and participating in gallery shows all over the world.

Washington Heights in 3 Words:
Energy, Flavor, Community

Was there a pair of Nikes that you always wanted when you were growing up?
The Carolina Blue and White Jordan 1s were a sneaker that I always wanted to have, but my mom was a single mother and Jordans were expensive. I eventually bought myself Air Maxes and my own kicks but I never got those. Those are my grails, I’ve got to get those.

How did it feel to be tapped by Nike to design a NikePlus bag for the 181st St. Foot Locker?
This is a designer, consumer, and admirer of Nike’s dream come true. So I had to think "What represents The Heights?"" Of course I'm going to do my graffiti flavor and pop art flavor with graphic design. Key graphics, you have the Dominican culture with the platano, the pastelito and the frio frio. Different elements that represent this hub that Washington Heights is. I tried to represent that in one graphic.

How did it feel drawing that first Nike Swoosh?
I thought I was going to pass out, it was a lot of pressure. I knew I had to rock it, I knew I had to represent for my hood.

"NikePlus coming to The Heights means that they recognize the importance of uptown culture and how important it is to the sneaker game. It’s all about the styles and trendsetters in Washington Heights. It’s an acknowledgement and it’s an amazing thing for the community to feel like they are partners with NikePlus and Foot Locker."

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